Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Walk

Today was the first I have gone for a walk without a jacket,
so spring is really here.
I took the dogs around the far side 
of the marsh,
past where the coltsfoot are blossoming.
The patch is getting larger!
Some of the pussywillows are finished blooming,
but not all of them.
Annie kept saying "Come on in, the water's fine".
There were a lot of the trees coming into leaf
or bud.
The next image is red elder, in bud.
Jake was starting to say we had walked far enough.
But we were not all the way around the marsh yet...
We went past a couple of old fence posts,
and admired the tiny leaves in the grass.
About this point, Jake's hip was unable to hold him, and I had to carry him a ways. Good thing he only weighs 29 pounds...
Also a good thing we were almost home.

Spring Flowers

I have no idea what sort of flowers these are,
although they look a bit like scilla...
They are covering a lawn, not too far from here.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Museum of Nature

Since we are at the Museum of Nature again, this guy has a spot over the main doors...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Salt Water Aquarium

While we were at the Museum of Nature,
I took a lot of photos of the salt water aquarium.
One of the fish flipped over a starfish
and I watched him turn himself
right side up again.
It only took a couple of minutes.
I had not realized a starfish was
so flexible!
Nor did I realize how many colours
anemones come in!
Aren't they beautiful!!!

New Leaves

The leaf buds are starting to open.
I love the way these leaves are just poking their fingers out...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

In The Garden of The Sporophytes

I was capturing the sporophytes of the moss on a log
when I spotted this tiny spider
crawling about.


There are more than 400 species of willows,
and they hybridize easily.
That means there must be
more than 400 variations
on pussywillows,
as well.
The last couple of days,
I have been checking all the willow bushes
in the area,
and capturing their pussywillows.
Some of them have advanced beyond
the pussywillow stage
into bloom,
while others are still little grey catkins.
I would hate to have to try
and sort these out by species.
So much simpler to enjoy them...
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