Sunday, January 26, 2014

4 AM Ponderings

Jake needed to go out about 4 this morning (remember he is an old man, and doesn't last the night any more), so, as I was lying in bed trying to go back to sleep, I was trying to decide whether, if I used a horse shoe as a frame, I would be better off using a photo of the horse's head, or its foot... No idea where that came from.

Friday, I wrote my first final exam. The last one will be a week from tomorrow. Then I will have five weeks about the computer program and working in an office environment, and my two weeks of practical, and I will be done my course.


Una said...

I sent power to you from Finland. <3

Buttons said...

Wow almost as fast as it started you will be done. Great job. Good luck in exams and placement. Hug B


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