Friday, October 25, 2013

Morning Glory

There are still morning glories blooming -
or there were, on Monday, when I set up all these posts.
The edges are a bit ragged, and they are half the size of summer blossoms,
but they are blooming!!


Judy said...

Husband says there has been hard frost now... Not here in the sunny south, though. I captured a couple of chicory buds this morning, trying valiantly to bloom.
There are a couple of computers at Mom's new residence. She is doing well.

EG CameraGirl said...

The morning glories are /were so pretty. I guess the cold weather has definitely arrived!

Dar said...

Ragged edges look good to me. We have had lasting snow a week already. I'm still wishing for warm days, with my breathe held. Love your blooms and particularly because they are Morning Glories. Gorgeous.
Life is Great

Una said...

Best wishes for your mother. Our morning glorys are usually white.

Una said...

Or maybe it is a different flower... :) said...

Oh Morning glories are very pretty.

Debbie said...

omgosh....they are purple!! and sooooo beautiful!!


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