Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I took the dogs for a long walk, and found that a couple of the trees beside the river
had tiny pussywillows, just peeking out!
I am linking this with NF Blo-Ma.


Meta said...

Nu är väl våren här i alla fall när videkissarna börjar slå ut.
Ha en fin vecka
Kram Meta

George said...

I've always thought of pussywillows as a sure sign that Spring is on the way. Thanks for sharing this hope with us.

Leovi said...

Precious outbreaks. These beautiful macros, transmitted delicacy and sweetness.

Genie Robinson said...

These sweet buds are signaling us that spring is on its way...and I cannot wait. The crocus are up and the daffodils are popping...and they are calling for more snow next week. genie

Anonymous said...

What a lovely sign of spring!

Debbie said...

pretty buds, spring is near!!

Gunilla Bäck said...

They're lovely! The pussywillows are peeking out here too.

Buttons said...

Oh I have to get back to the swamp and see if I can see any of these incredible shots. B


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