Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Lilacs

We had our first real storm of the winter on Friday - 
 about 6 inches of snow.
 Then the temperatures dropped to something near 30 below freezing.
 It might be pretty out there, but our walks are short, and Jake says they are still too long. He wants indoor plumbing.


Leovi said...

Excellent compositions with the snow! I like for its beautiful colors i crisp, deliciously light. Greetings.

MedaM said...

It looks like cotton wool on the branches. It looks like fantastic against the lovely blue winter sky.
This winter we have lots of snow not only on the hills and mountains but also in the city. Lots of people do not love snow but I love it very much. I completely enjoy freshness of the white snow.

Kate-Marita Pettersen said...

I love your snowy pictures:)

Deb said...

poor baby...can't blame him..I wouldn't want to go out either...

Anonymous said...

Brrr! Cold - but so gorgeous!

joo said...

Lovely winter photos:)


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