Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Snapping Turtle

I found a baby snapping turtle -
 about an inch and a half across -
 making his way toward the pond.
 I moved him to a place where I could get better shots,
 and when I was done, I moved him away from the path, to a place where he could rest from the excitement.


Icy BC said...

Wow..great find Judy! I'm glad it didn't snap you..I would be scare to touch.

Tina said...

Great shots! Cute :)

Deb said...

he was a great model..

Quiet Paths said...

That is just awesome.

Magda said...

Oh Judy, Thank-you,
And I laughed when I read '50 something and let loose on the world with a camera'.

And this beautiful baby Snapping Turtle is going to have Stories to tell about the pitfalls of a trip to the Pond when still being a Baby if a keen Human with a camera happens to spot it.

Lovely Blog.. your commentary a delight.
Deep appreciation from Magda in Australia,
and again, thank you immensely for visiting my Rainbow, I was so shocked and delighted... was still in editing mode to update it to having been introduced to SkyWatch Friday when I did a preview and felt thoroughly perplexed finding you there... once I realised I felt stunned and grateful... I'd only shortly before contributed it to the 100's of others. Truly moved I am... and in turn have discovered your very enjoyable Blog.
Best wishes Magda


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