Friday, March 5, 2010

Pine Sap

There were some pine trees that had been cut down, and stacked near the path.

They were cut recently enough that there was sap in them,

and it was leaking out during the relatively warm days

and solidifying in the cold nights.


George said...

Thanks for another wonderful set of macros.

Self Sagacity said...

Why do I think the sap actually looked gorgeous? like little diamonds. Nice capture!

Lorac said...

I enjoy looking at this but sure don't like getting it on my fingers!

Bronwynn said...

I love the way the light refracts in the first shot

hip chick said...

Here in New England that is known as maple time. The warm days and cool nights get's the sap flowing in the trees as your pictures show. That is the time the trees are tapped and the sap flows into a bucket which is hung on the trees. The sap is then collected and boiled down into maple syrup.

Tracy said...

Looks like crystals, diamonds, pearls... Loving that sparkle! I'm thinking maple syrup too...mmm...Happy Weekend, Judy :o) ((HUGS))

Clytie said...

I like to call them "Nature's Jewels" - and the amber ones are among my very favorites! Stunning pictures!


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