Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lady's Mantle

I love the way lady's mantle holds the raindrops,
 especially in the morning sun!


Faye said...

Ladie's mantle is a grand plant as a single specimen as well as a whole bed or border. Your photos with the glistening raindrops on the foliage are just lovely.

Q said...

Hi Judy,
I can almost smell the sweetness of your rain. Your photographs are refreshing!
The rain keeps going around my gardens.
I am calling on the rain dragons!
Enjoyed catching up with you this evening,
the snow on the spring flowers was very beautiful. A perfect way of showing winter and spring....

Ruby Manchanda said...

That is a picture perfect.

WildBlack said...

So sharp. Great details :)

Anemone said...

Raindrops on leaves, I remember I used to collect those when I was still a kid. Hahaha great choice ^_^

Firas said...

Beautifully composed shots. I love the light and shadows of the drops
: )


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