Sunday, April 8, 2012


I made my first trip of the spring to the Beaver Pond Trail,
 where I found wildflowers in bloom,
some varieties of which I had never seen before.
 These are bloodroots, a flower I remember from childhood.
 If you pick the blossoms, their sap stains your hands an orangey red.
 And yes, I have selected the best captures.
 Fifty made it into the first round of editing.


Carletta said...

You sound like me. I take so many, too many. Then I download, delete the unfocused ones and then choose between 1-3 of the same shot. etc...
Time consuming sometimes. :)

Petit Eyekiss said...

Thanks Judy for the the visit.
Digital photography is so good. Not like before, when you have to choose carefully each image.
Bloodroot is here with us too ..
Today, sunshine, blue skies + 4 degrees Celsius
Perfect for a walk


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