Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elder Flowers

These are the flowers of the elderberry bush, a small shrub which is found all over Ontario, and likely other parts of the country.

In the spring, it is covered with these delicate white flowers, and the berries are ripe in the fall, unless the birds get them first.


Wynnie said...

I love the way the light falls through the flowers in the last shot

Tracy said...

So lace! :o) Happy Day, Judy ((HUGS))

Kcalpesh said...

Extremely beautiful captures of nature...

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EcoRover said...

Ah, elderberries--you do have a way of tweaking my taste buds. Unfortunately, elderberries are too far & far between at our elevation, and almost never do enough berries ripen even for a small handful. Growing up, I think Gram's elderberry pie was my favorite.

MedaM said...

The little elderberry flowers of milky white color really look so lovely. I like the way you took these photos; it looks great against lovely blue sky.

Clytie said...

That last shot, looking up ... the elderberry petals glowing a soft ivory against the blue sky ... beautiful.

We have two types of elderberries here - the red which blooms in April and fruits in June ... and blue which is blooming now and fruits in the fall.


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