Monday, December 14, 2009

Fog in Winter

Jake watches nervously

as Annie races on ahead

through the fog.

The light changes as the sun approaches the horizon.

But the only way to see the movement of the fog is to use the flash.


EcoRover said...

Love those ice fogs. Only time I got lost (well, turned around anyway) in Montana was in an ice fog, miles from the truck, probably the only time in 30 years I forgot my compass...

Quiet Paths said...

Well, if fog can be delightful your dogs have made it so - at least through your lovely photos.

Tracy said...

Ooo... love the magic and mystery in these photos, Judy...splendid! :o)

joo said...

It's pure magic! Lovely photos! Fog is amazing and so pictoresque!

George said...

These are some of the best pictures of fog I've ever seen. Very well done!

Stine in Ontario said...

Very nice photos of winter fog. We seem to have had a lot in Ontario lately, eh?

Q said...

Fog is so mysterious to me.
I love the way you photographed your dogs in the fog.

Wynnie said...

Lovely. I love the one off Annie in particular. They've all got such lovely light


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