Monday, December 7, 2009

Bur Cucumber

The seedpods of the bur cucumber

have shed their seeds, and are in various stages of return to the soil.

Most of them still have the papery shell and spines protecting them,

but some have lost that, and are simply the lacy shell.


Carletta said...

Love the texture!
Nice shots!

Judy, thank you for the wonderful comment you left about my snowy rose. I so appreciate it. Sometimes I luck out. :)

Tracy said...

Like lace... exactly! This plant is amazing, one that I've never seen before! This was a real visual and scientific lesson--Thank you! Very much enjoying your recent posts. I've been slow to visiting with so much on Christmas-related and preparing for a trip in less than two week--crazy-buzy...LOL! Happy Week, Judy :o)

JC said...

I don't have those where I live ... now, I have to go look into your profile to see where you live ? Mars perhaps ...

George said...

These are fascinating macros of the bur cucumber seed pods. Lacy is the appropriate description of how some of them look.


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