Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watery Wednesday

Reflections of tress and clouds, broken by grasses and ripples.


Wynnie said...

Very neat effect, especially from the grass

Guy D said...

I love this shot, well done.

Regina In Pictures


I love your shots, lovely reflections in the water!

Leora said...

Such lovely masses of wet. Like a watery canvas.

Photo Cache said...

Your photos are very relaxing. I love them.

My entry is here:

www. ewok1993.wordpress.com

Martha Z said...

Nice, watery reflections.

Norm said...

lovely! great reflections..

Deb said...

I love reflection photos...yours are the best

Tarolino said...

What wonderful shots Judy. I do love reflections in a puddle of water. There's so much detail to look at.
Also your bird and flower shots are great. As I said you are just getting better and better.
The trilliums were so beautiful.

Caprice- said...

Perfect reflections Judy! I love these shots! I LOVE reflections. I would take more pics but I usually see them when I'm in my car and can't stop to get the picture! I love the daffadils too- my sister's favorite photo.
Thanks for sharing!


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