Monday, May 11, 2009


They are starting to show some colour!


Arija said...

Oh the excitement of waiting for the fist ones to open enough so you can catch the scent...

Tarolino said...

Just as I clicked your blog link I wondered: Does your lilacs flower yet?
They sure do even if not quite open yet. Ours are starting to show some little promise of green buds now.
You have lots of lovely shots here again. The water droplets are exquisite and your apples are already starting to flower too. They are just sooo pretty.
I have recently less time to be on the net but I wanted to come and visit you.

Tarolino said...

Oh one m ore thing. The Forsythia has now been planted in the cottage garden but apparently it flowers next year sparingly and only after two years will it have lots of flowers.Now it already had some leaves and two little flowers still hanging on. Also bought a ruby red rhododendron and planted it next to my white one. Only the new one is still tiny compared to the other that has been there for three years and grown so well. But the new one has four buds so it should flower already this year. I'll post some photos when the buds open.
Today we had thunder and hailstones. Blah!


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