Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Walk in the Snowy Woods

The morning rain turned to snow
 and I took the long way home,
 through the quiet woods.
 I stopped often to admire the
 beauty of the snow.


jabblog said...

Beautiful! Fresh untrodden snow is so perfect and peaceful.

Deb said...

so pretty...makes me cold looking at it....where's my gloves?

Mel said...

Lovely. Sticky snow is one of my favorites, it feels magical. We are just wet and windy and cold here, and I'm not going to wish for snow. The weatherman says we're going to get hammered this winter.

Quiet Paths said...

Frosty the snowman would like this. Lovely close ups. We had this type of stuff a couple weeks ago but now it's been clear. The tangle of branches in the bottom photo is very neat.

Everything Changes said...

Ah, the gentleness of snow--that is when it's not blizzarding. :-)

George said...

The snow in these pictures is very beautiful, but I hope it stays up there for a while longer.

EcoRover said...

You're truly having a beautiful winter--thanks for sharing, and enjoy the peace of these short, dim days.


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