Sunday, June 12, 2011


I tried scattering some forget-me-nots
 over a couple of old books.
 I still think I am missing something, though.


Deb said...

I liked it...

Unknown said...

The words maybe... The effect is pretty. Maybe it should have just been the petals, but that seems so destructive. I like the way you did it better.

jabblog said...

I love forget-me-nots - such unassuming little flowers. I like your arrangements.

joo said...

I love it:)

Mel said...

Forget me nots are my favorite flower and they are so hard to capture well. I like the concept of the petals sprinkled on the pages, but maybe the text detracts from the tiny petals? Maybe sprinkled around the white space in a chapter heading or along the margin? Still lovely, though.


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