Sunday, September 8, 2013

X-Rays I Have Taken

 I promised I would show you the x-rays I have taken at school.
This is the maxillary central incisors of Dexter 1. Translated into English, that means Dexter 1's two upper middle teeth.
We can't take x-rays of each other, so the school has 2 manikins, both named Dexter, with real teeth and bones, and we practice on them.
Each Dexter is only the head, with levers in the crown of the head so we can move the jaws to hold the bite block. With no neck, it is a bit of a challenge to make the apron covering his non-existent privates stay in place...
This is an x-ray of Dexter's lower central incisors. The white circles are some of the bolts that make him work.
By Christmas, I will have x-rayed all of the teeth of one Dexter or the other, and will be marked on them.
So far, I have a 94% average in all my tests, and I am settling in to school. I am starting to have fun with this!


Debbie said...

keeping your mind active by learning something new, so exciting for you!!

keep up the good work!!

Deb said...

I knew you would settle proud of you

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm glad you're beginning to enjoy this!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Wow 94 great job I knew this was going to be good for you and getting to handle Dexter must be fun:) Hug B


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