Sunday, September 15, 2013

Travelling Daughter

My elder daughter is starting work on Master of Science, Biology. I got an email from her last night -  I'm in Frankfurt, five hours into an 11 hour layover. I wanted to go into the city but got herded through security instead and they made me take everything out of my bag. I  don't feel like going out in the pouring rain, figuring out how to buy a train ticket in German, possibly seeing something interesting, then getting back to the airport and doing the whole security thing again. If it was sunny I might go for it though. The town dates back to Roman times and I'd love to see Roman ruins.

Ethiopia has ancient ruins too, from the Axumite civilization that
would have been around the same time as the Romans. It's a very
historical country, I hope I can see lots of stuff as well as the

and another one this afternoon - Just letting you know I got here ok. No problems with customs and the hotel is fine. They have a great lunch buffet, lots of spicy Ethiopian stews with injera bread. We will have a least a couple of days in town to get permits and supplies, then it's on to Guassa.  Addis is much nicer than most African cities I've been to. The traffic is not bad and people are really friendly. You can walk around and not be harassed much. There are supposed to be mangoes but all I've found have been underripe oranges.

I am not sure what I think of this, but I know better than to say anything.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Wow when I first read this I thought you were the one travelling:) and I wondered how you did that:)That is so exciting for your daughter and I am sure she is going to have a wonderful time. Hug B

Jenn Jilks said...

I love living vicariously through my kids!


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