Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lake Ontario

Living in Ottawa, I seldom get to a body of water
 large enough to have waves.
 When I do, I enjoy it to the fullest.
 It was much too cold for wading,
 but we could admire the bits of ice floating
 on the surface.
 Then walk back to the car, and look for hot chocolate.


Deb said...

looks so cold.....beautiful photos...

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

It looks so different from ours. The colour emphases the cold. At this temperature you need a HOT chocolate.

George said...

It definitely looks cold, but I really like the wave action that you've captured.

Mel said...

So cold, and so lovely. I can almost hear it. The sound of waves hitting the shore is one of my favorites. Stay warm!

Lesley said...

I love when the waves go wild.

Carletta said...

These make me shiver!

raya said...

beautiful photos.. thanks for sharing! visit my site, too!


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