Thursday, March 26, 2009

Skywatch Friday

The contrail was getting sunlight longer than the clouds were. The two specks in the second photo are geese, in case you wondered.


Louise said...

The first one makes me think of a comet. Nice photos!

Wynnie said...

That's just neat. ESpecially the first one

Unknown said...

How cool!

Jim said...

Interesting effect.

Anonymous said...

That effect is quite dramatic. Nice shot!

Bryan said...

I WAS wondering about those two specks! Now I need to remember to read the text above the photo first. Nice shots.

Caprice- said...

Neat picture. Great capture of the contrail. I'd never known that the specks were geese.
Happy Friday!

Tarolino said...

So the geese are arriving your way and crocus are starting to bud already. Very nice to see.


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