Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hollow Tree

I think this last one looks rather like a face.


Tarolino said...

Hi and thanks for so many comments on my blog. Much appreciated. I thought you weren't interested since I had not had any respons from you for quite some time. I thought it was a pity because I really like your blog and your motives. Like these trees. Also like the way you have captured those tiny green things that start sticking up when the snow melts away. I'm still waiting for that miracle.
Ljuba you pronounce mainly Yuba but the L is heard very softly. She's a rescue from Russia and it means My Love (as a short form) in russian. I got her through a finnish rescue agency so didn't have to travel to Russia myself.
The bird shots I could take as close ups because of a new and more effective lens that I purchased recently.

Jenn Jilks said...

It looks wonderful! I did a tree post in Dec. and our tree looks rather unique - well, the stump does!

Connie T. said...

Wow that last one does look like a face.

Wynnie said...

I was going to guess caves when I saw the first one, before I read the title. Neat


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