Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Old Photo

This is a photo of my aunt from 1944, two days before she gave birth to my cousin.
Do any of you remember seeing a photo of an obviously pregnant woman from that long ago? 
I remember all the fuss about Lucille Ball being pregnant and appearing on TV, and that was in the 60's, I think. 


Naturegirl said...

I have a photo of my mother similar dress and pose while she carried me..that would have been 1948.
Now we see bare pregnant bellies peeking out of times have changed.
I prefer the fashion of cover up.

Buttons Thoughts said...

As a matter of fact I did not you are right. Great photo. I don't have any of me pregnant either. I don't know why. B

Anonymous said...

I was born in 1942.

So I was two years old when your Aunt was pregnant.

Not many people back then even showed themselves Pregnant in that year.

I remember when my sister in-law got pregnant It was like 1954 around about. I told my Mom. Gwen has a fat belly. My Mom said you keep your tongue quiet.

So In 1942. She was a brave soul your aunt. I think about Lucy's time it was sort of being slowly taked about..

My Mom never wanted to say anything about being pregnant. Most ladies back then did wear those dresses. My Mom did when she was older in her 40"s. Called every day around the house dressses to work in. When went out. More dressed up. This is a real farmers look of dressing back then.

Deb said...

Nowadays they show bare pregnant tummies in the 80s we tried to hide ours


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