Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deer Footprints

The first of the deer footprints in the snow.


Dar said...

By the pointed toes and and size comparison of your glove, that is a nice sized doe you have in your view....I love deer tracks.
We have oodles in our woods.
BlessYourHeart and ThanksForSharing

Deb said...

love your new exciting to see the deer tracks

Jenn Jilks said...

Our deer prints go though the garden, around the garden, into the veggie garden! I am going to need a new fence!

Hallatar said...

Oh, maybe it was Rudolp, the red nose... =)

Yoshi said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Based upon the position of the deer footprints, he/she must be stopping there, (not passing by).

jabblog said...

I'm always excited to see deer slots and even more so to see the deer that made them :-)

JC said...

Nice !!!

We had some at our beach place but I didn't get out to get a photo.

Bluekat said...

They look like little hearts left in the snow. :)
We don't get deer at our place (in town), but my Aunt has quite a few that visit her yard most evenings. Always fun to see them show up.

STAG said...

I like deer, but not through my windshield.

My neighbour used to be leery of them because she said "They carry Lyme disease in their ticks". Could be...but she worried too much IMHO.

Glad you are getting some use out of all this snow.


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